Sex formula for both men and women.


Case Reports


The following are real case reports (names are altered for protection of privacy):

Mr. K, 46 years old, was once a healthy and sexually active male. But about a year ago, he began to notice a reduced interest in sex and symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and gradually it worsened. After several ineffective tries with other formulas, he started to take Oriental Myth. Within four weeks, Mark's sexual vigour recovered fully.

Miss. J, 43 years old, a female health worker. She has suffered from low sex drive for 5 years, which put stress on her marriage. Before she used Oriental Myth, she had tried many other herbal sex formulas that made promises they were unable to keep. After taking Oriental Myth, she experienced sexual pleasure for the first time in 5 years.

Mr. H , 52 years old, a male truck driver. He had complete erectile dysfunction for six months. Only 17 days after he had taken Oriental Myth, he had his sex life back.