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Case Reports

Chinese Medicine including acupuncture is the only medical system other than Conventional Medicine formed under the guidance of a specific philosophical view with its own medical theory, pharmacology, and distinguishable treatment methods along with thousands of years of history.

Very often Chinese Medicine can provide good results where Conventional Medicine fails. However, we should all understand that when Chinese Medicine and Conventional Medicine complement each other, people will benefit the most.

The following cases are examples of real patients that Dr. Han and Dr. Piao have treated in the past 10 years with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


Case 1

Female, 42 years old, suffered from half body paralysis for 9 years due to a car accident.

She had tried every conventional medical treatment available and failed to get up from her wheel chair. She started to visit Dr. Han in 2003, and four months later she was standing and walking.

It has been well established in documents and reports from many medical institutions that Acupuncture is an effective treatment for paralysis. As long as the neurological system is still reacting, the chance for recovery and improvement is good.


Case 2

Male, 20 years old, suddenly hospitalized and diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Conventional treatment to this disease is bone marrow transplant, which is risky in this case and the family refused to accept. This young man needed blood transfusions one unit per week in order to live. He was recommended to visit the ACM Clinic by a family friend. After one year of treatment with Chinese Medicine. His blood hemoglobin is 142 and he has not had a blood transfusion for the past eight months.

Chinese Medicine has been proven effective for many blood related diseases such as anemia, aplastic anemia, purpura, and ITP. Treatment is 60% to 85% effective. The long term result is also very encouraging.


Case 3

Boy, 5 years old, suffered from asthma for more than a year. The parents were afraid to give the boy steroids on a daily basis, which has negative long term implications. They visited ACM Clinic and the boy was being treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Three weeks later, the boy was freed from asthma. Seven years have passed, the boy has never suffered from asthma again.

For the past ten years, Dr. Piao and Dr. Han have treated many children suffering from asthma. The treatment success is over 90%.


Case 4

Male 58 years old, suffered from impotency for more than one year. Before his visits to Dr. Han, he had tried different treatments and medications which were ineffective in his case.

He was treated by acupuncture and the herbal formula Oriental Myth at ACM Clinic for six weeks. He fully recovered.

Dr. Han spent more than six years on developing the herbal formula Oriental Myth and unique acupuncture techniques on impotency based on a 1500 year old ancient Chinese Document.


Case 5

Male, 52 years old man, he has suffered from Type II Diabetes for 5 years. His blood sugar was 15-20 on average. He had also been impotent for three years. After receiving treatment from Dr. Han, his blood sugar is 6-7 and he now has a good sex life too.

It is well documented that Chinese Medicine is an effective treatment for Diabetes, especially for Type II Diabetes. For the past ten years, Dr. Han and Dr. Piao have treated numerous Diabetes cases with good success.


Case 6

Female, 46 years old, suffered from fibroids and has been bleeding frequently and irregularly for two years. She was advised to have surgery several times. She came to Dr. Han and after three months of treatment, two of her three fibroids disappeared and she no longer needs any surgery.

In China, fibroids have been treated commonly with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. In most cases, after treatment most patients can avoid surgery.


Case 7

Female, 18 years old, suffered from acne for several years. She had been treated with various antibiotics without success. At the same time, she had irregular menstruation, which was of great concern to herself and her family. She was treated at ACM Clinic for three months and her menstrual cycle became normal and her skin looked much better than before.

Acne is common in young people. Imbalance in hormones is the most common reason acne occurs. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a natural way to address this issue in a holistic approach. There are no side effects.